I work with and know a skilled team of people. Whether you need book covers or ghost writers, and everything in-between, you’re in the right place.

Wright Critiques

Wr1ght Critiques

Manuscript Critique Service

An author can expect a word doc containing their critiqued manuscript. During my initial read, I utilize the comment feature to leave thoughts, questions, and suggestions pertaining to story elements such as pace, voice, plot, characterization, dialogue, word choice, flow, etc. When finished, I compile a detailed overview where I pinpoint those specific story elements. If the writer has any common issues I dial in on those. My goal is to leave the writer with more than they came with. If I make suggestions with no explanation as to why I made them, I can’t expect the writer to come away from this experience with a better understanding of their common mistakes, strengths, or writing in general.

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WriteEnd Publishing

Traditional Publishing Company

WritEnd was founded in September 2019 after obtaining rights to take over from a former company which led to massive changes and two sub companies were created.

WritEnd Publishing which transitioned into a full traditional publishing company, providing every service required to authors without cost to the author. WritEnd also created WritEnd Trade, a buy and sell company dealing within the trading market. I keep both entities separate to allow it’s staff to remain fully committed to their department.

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RADapple Design

Graphic Design for print and web

Danielle can be found designing at her 8-5 job all day, freelancing at night, and trying to write when she should be cleaning her house. Maybe you just want to find out why your book cover is printing weird, and there’s no charge for that! Send an inquiry to:

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C.M. Santoro, Author, Editor, and Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Services

Services for authors

For my existing clients I offer Coaching, Copy Edits, Proof Reading, Synopsis writing, and Blurb writing. While has been fulfilling, I am now offering virtual assistant services to new clients so that I can focus my creative energy on writing and editing my own books.

Please be in touch for my Virtual Assistant launch in January.